How to change the Height of the Slider Widget

If you are using a Slider Widget and you want to change the slider’s height, this is something you should do and know: PX stands for pixels, currently it is on 600 pixels height. You can make it 800, to make it bigger or 400 to make the slider’s height smaller. VH stands for variable […]

What are the recommended Plugins to have?

What are the recommended Plugins to have? Here’s the list of Plugins that is recommended to have on your Boostly Website: Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall Classic Editor Custom Post Type UI Duplicate Post Elementor Elementor Pro Insert Headers and Footers Resize Image After Upload Simple Image Sizes Smush Social testimonials and reviews by Repuso […]

How to use Posts Widget

How to use Posts Widget With the Posts Widget you can display a list of any post types, including custom post types, in various layouts and ways. This practical widget can be used to display posts from a particular category or other taxonomy, recent posts, and more.   Classic Skin The Classic skin is a fully customizable layer […]

How to disable IDLE processes generated by mail clients

For those who access their email via third party clients (i.e Apple Mail, Windows Phone etc) there is one key part of the setup process you need to do that will prevent from email outages in the long run. It’s called disabling the idle process – now this may sound strenuous, but in simple terms […]

Third Party Plugin Problems

If it’s a problem with a third party plugin, it’s not our responsibility to fix it nor we know how to fix it every time. It’s better to go speak to the plugin support and ask them instead since they know very well how their plugin works

Can I have more access to my site?

The default user role is first set to Editor to keep things simple. But Admin role can be activated by request. Please let us know if you want to have an Admin role by sending us a ticket.

How to use Elementor Pop up?

HERE THE VIDEO RECORDINGS: Using a template – scratch – Popups are call to action modal windows that popup and overlay the page at a specified moment or under specific triggers and conditions. Popups are designed to focus a user’s attention once they have taken an action. To begin, go to Templates > Popups. […]

How to Add a New Menu on Menu bar on top

On your Dashboard, hover your mouse to Appearance and click on Menus when a dropdown menu shows up. On the Add Menu Items, check the page you want to be added on the Menu. And once you have checked the desired page you want to add on Menu, click on Add to Menu. Then it […]

How to Add Site Icon to my Website?

On your Dashboard, hover your mouse over to Appearance and then click on Customize Then click on the ‘Site Identity‘ tab. Then under the Site Icon, you will see Remove and Change Image. Click either of the two to change the current Icon of your site. Then hit Publish to save the icon.