How to Use your NEW Boostly Website

If you want to see your website anytime, there is a home icon on the upper left with the name of your website and you just have to click it to see what your website looks like.If you click on the Account button on the left side, you’ll see your current plan. If you have […]

How to change the address on my Contact page?

To change the default address on the Contact page: First, click on the Pages on the left side Click on Contact to edit the Contact page You can then see Google Maps Address Enter your business name or your business address And click on update to update the changes you’ve made

How do I change the font?

You can go in to Elementor customize panel and click on Default Fonts and choose which part would you like the fonts to be changed and choose which font you would like.

How do I change the menu ?

From the front end of your website, click ‘Customize’ on the top bar. (You must be logged in) Then you will see ‘Menu’.