Third Party Plugin Problems

If it’s a problem with a third party plugin, it’s not our responsibility to fix it nor we know how to fix it every time. It’s better to go speak to the plugin support and ask them instead since they know very well how their plugin works

How to Add a New Menu on Menu bar on top

On your Dashboard, hover your mouse to Appearance and click on Menus when a dropdown menu shows up. On the Add Menu Items, check the page you want to be added on the Menu. And once you have checked the desired page you want to add on Menu, click on Add to Menu. Then it […]

How to Add Site Icon to my Website?

On your Dashboard, hover your mouse over to Appearance and then click on Customize Then click on the ‘Site Identity‘ tab. Then under the Site Icon, you will see Remove and Change Image. Click either of the two to change the current Icon of your site. Then hit Publish to save the icon.

How to Add a Widget Code on my Website?

If you want to add any widget code on your website, please follow these steps: Edit your page on the front end by clicking on Boostly Editor or Edit with Elementor. Hover your mouse over to the desired area you want to put the widget code Then you will see three options on top with […]

How to Setup Facebook Messenger on my Website?

Thereโ€™s two ways on adding your Facebook messenger to your website, but we will be using the option #1 which is very easy. Setting Up the Plugin Using the Setup Tool For Page Admins, the Messenger Platform also provides an easy setup tool for customizing your customer chat plugin. To use the setup tool, do […]

How to Change the Phone Number, Email, Social Media Links, etc.?

To change the phone number, email, social media, etc. that is on the Header of the page, you need to be on your site’s front page or homepage and make sure you are currently logged in. Then hover your mouse over to Boostly Editor, Edit with Elementor or Elementor. A dropdown menu will show up, […]

How does the Boostly booking engine work?

We are not a booking engine. We only tap into all of the other Booking engine providers and provide a smooth link to their booking engine. For a full list of recommended property management providers head to

What are the Admin Fees for?

The Admin Fees that you are paying every month are for the following: Website Hosting* Server fees (We have epic ones) Premium Plugins that we have added in Support Team This admin fee doesn’t cover the text, photos and any website changes. If you want to book for these changes, please contact *Website Hosting […]

What are the accepted channels for Repuso?

These are the available channels for Repuso with the respective requirements: Twitter – Please make sure you are logged in into the account you want to link to Repuso. Facebook Page – Needs Mark Simpson to be an admin of your Facebook page. (Here’s how to make Mark Simpson an admin on your Facebook Business […]