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If you want to see your website anytime, there is a home icon on the upper left with the name of your website and you just have to click it to see what your website looks like.

If you click on the Account button on the left side, you’ll see your current plan. If you have to change anything like the billing details or if you’ve got to pay any money, this is the place you should be. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, please send a support ticket.

On the Dashboard:

– POSTS – is where you could submit a blog post. Once you are ready and your website is ready to the world and you want to start getting people to it, one of the best ways to do so is to write blog posts.

To add a new blog post:

  • Click the “Add New” button to start adding new blog post.
  • Add your post title on the “Add title” text box
  • Add your blog on the content box
  • To add image on your blog, scroll down. You’ll see “Template Screenshot” and “Featured Image” on the right side.
  • The Yoast will assess your blog if your “Readability” is good and if the “SEO” is good also.
  • If you need further help, click on “Need help?” and you’ll see lots of free video tutorials on how to get started with your blog post.

MEDIA – This is where you add all of your pictures. There’s a pre-installed plugin called Smush that would help you on making your site loads faster by automatically reducing the file size of the pictures that you add.

PAGES – When you click on pages, you’ll see your “Home” “About” “Accommodation” “Blog” “Coming Soon” “Contact” and many more pages.

How to Customize your Home Page

  • On the Home page, click on the edit snippet.
  • And on the “Meta description” text box. Write a short description about your property.
  • Make sure you have added a little blurb about your business and make sure you use your business name and talk about your ideal niche.
  • There’s a ‘status bar’ below the meta description box which tells if the meta description is good or not.  Make sure it is green then click “Close snipper editor“.
  • Then to add a featured image, featured image is the image that will be shown in the social media, just scroll down below and you’ll see Featured Image on the right side.

By making you able to edit your page on the front end, the Boostly Editor made it possible to make a website from scratch easier.

  • It’s as easy as clicking on an image and you’ll be able to update the text. You can see what your website looks like in real-time when you make changes.
  • When you click on a text or image, an editor will show up on the left side. There you can edit your content or the image.
  • And if you want to change the picture, just click on the picture you want to change and click “Delete”.
  • Then click on the plus symbol (+) to add a new photo. Just click on “select files” to upload a photo from your computer or select a photo from the Media Library.
  • To change the Title & Description, just click on the Content beside the Background tab.
  • You can change the text for the booking button by typing on the Button Text.
  • On the Link is where you put the link to your booking page or if you have a booking engine, you can simply put this:

You should be looking to get your own booking engine for your website. And if you want one just go to

When you’re done editing or customizing your site, don’t forget to click the Update button to save the changes you’ve made.

If you want to see what your site looks like in the mobile, just click on the Responsive Mode and choose what device (Desktop, Mobile or Tablet).

About page – Make sure you change the snippet preview of your About page just like what you did to your Home page.

  • Click on the Boostly Editor. Then click on a text to replace it or to edit the style of the text.
  • You can change the texts into Bold, Italic, Underlined, Paragraph, Heading and more on the left side.
  • You can also add a media on it.

The About Page is the second most visited on the site so make sure to spend some time on adding some content about you, your family or your business.

Going back to your Home page, scroll down and you could see the Guest Reviews. We encourage you to have Repuso installed.

Go back to your Dashboard, you could see Testimonials.

Go to Repuso dashboard, sign-in or create an account, go for the motions, set it all up and you can get all your information on the home page. If you have Repuso questions, you can contact their customer support team.

Scroll down further and you can see Highlights.

Go to Home page > Boostly Editor > scroll down and you’ll see the Highlights.

Click on the Facilities and edit the emoji or the icon to the facilities that you have. Example: Free Parking

To use free emoji’s just go to

To add emoji: Command + control + spacebar (for MAC)

Listings – it can mean rooms or cottage.

  • On the Accommodation page, when you scroll down, you’ll see Room 1, Room 2 and Room 3.
  • To edit the rooms, click on the Boostly Editor when you hover your mouse to the Room you want to edit.
  • You can change the room name, the description, the price and the link of the “Book Now” button

Got a Problem?

If you have further questions, make sure to visit our FAQ section that can be seen in and click on FAQ. And if you can’t find the answer to your question on our FAQ section, you can Submit a Support Ticket and we will get back to you with answer to your question. Any issues, any errors, any faults, please submit a support ticket.

When you are ready

When your website is ready and when you want to go live, please Submit a Support Ticket and please let us know when you are ready to go live. We will need access to your domain is currently hosted or if we have to contact your current website designer to do this. And we will let you know on what you need to do to get this website live.

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