First, what is an Excerpt?

An excerpt in WordPress is a term used for article summary with a link to the whole entry.

This is what Post Excerpt looks like

To add an Excerpt on your listings, you must follow these steps:

On your Dashboard, click on Listings

Then on your Listings, edit a listing by clicking on Edit with Elementor, Boostly Editor or Elementor.

Then when it loads up, click on Settings that can be found on the lower left corner of your page.

After clicking Settings, General Settings will open up on the left side.
Enter your Post Excerpt on the Excerpt text box and click on Update or Publish when you are done.

Note: It is highly recommended to use emojis here. And it is recommended to write what are the highlights of your property on the Excerpt and not the whole sentence or paragraph. Please refer to the Post Excerpt example above.