There are lots of ways to add a photo on your site. We will try to cover every possible way to add a photo on your website/webpage

  • Edit your desired page you want to add photos by clicking on Edit with Elementor or Boostly Editor on the front end or on the back end under Pages on your Dashboard.
  • If you want to add a photo above a section there is, just hover your mouse to the top of that section and there will be options that will show up (Add Section, Edit Section and Delete Section)
  • Click on Add Section and on the left side where you can see the Elementor Widgets, search for “photos or images” and there’s loads of widgets you can use with different usage.
  • To add the widget on your newly added section, just click the widget and hold your mouse on it and drag it to the newly created section.
  • Then start adding photos to it depending on what kind of photo widget you have choosen
  • Please look at the video recording below