What are the accepted channels for Repuso?

These are the available channels for Repuso with the respective requirements:

  • Twitter – Please make sure you are logged in into the account you want to link to Repuso.
  • Facebook Page – Needs Mark Simpson to be an admin of your Facebook page. (Here’s how to make Mark Simpson an admin on your Facebook Business Pagehttp://bit.ly/2xmQu0D )
  • Instagram – Please make sure you are logged into the account you want to connect to Repuso.
  • Zendesk – Please make sure you are logged in into the account you want to link to Repuso.
  • Delighted – In order for Repuso to import your Delighted NPS ratings, we need a Delighted API key.
    Please lookup your Delighted API key in the Delighted dashboard, enter it below and click the “Add account” button.
    To obtain the ID for a trend, visit the trends page. For example, if the URL for the desired trend ends with /trends/1234 the ID of that trend is 1234.
  • iTunes app – Needs iTunes app URL
  • Google Play app – Needs Google Play app URL
  • Google Place – Type your place in the field below and select your business from the list.
  • Yelp – Needs Yelp URL
  • TripAdvisor – Needs TripAdvisor URL
  • Capterra – Needs Capterra URL
  • GetApp – Needs GetApp URL
  • G2 – Needs G2 URL – https://www.g2.com/products/xxx/reviews
  • Thumbtack – Needs Thumbtack URL
  • Trustpilot – Needs Trustpilot URL
  • Yellow Pages – Needs Yellow Pages URL
  • Airbnb – Needs Airbnb URL
  • Healthgrades – Needs Healthgrades URL
  • Vrbo / HomeAway – Needs Vrbo / HomeAway URL
    These family of websites are supported:
  • GetYourGuide – Needs GetYourGuide URL
  • Expedia – Needs Expedia URL

For Booking dot com – Needs Booking dot com URL