After receiving an email from us (either from, Tom or Mark) about your DFY website completing the first review phase, you will then enter a 30 days of free changes period where you can request any editing or changes and to help you get your website live.

*Please reply with anything that needs editing, removing, adding, etc, along with the required content.* This is the time to get the website perfected.

If you need help with domains, email, booking links and so on, please also provide the required login details.

If after the 30 days you still require any major changes to the website, there will be an hourly rate charge for the Boostly Team to do so.

If any urgent errors or faults occur with your website, you can always create a support ticket here. This will continue as part of hosting & support.

Please go to Boostly Shop if you want help with changes on your site for an hourly basis.

NOTE: The one that you are paying for a monthly support or yearly support, is for the hosting, domain and support if the website goes offline and etc. It does not include for Text or Page changes.